Advantages of Standby Generators at Your Place of Business

Sudden shutdowns on account of power outages translate to a significant loss of business revenue. Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, hospital or manufacturing plant, having a backup source for power supply is critical to ensure uninterrupted operations and maintain customer satisfaction. Standby generators can help you stay open for business despite power outages.

Protect Your Patients and Equipment with Medical Grade Electrical Services

Electrical systems control nearly every aspect of medical facilities. Monitoring and diagnostic machines, ventilators, incubators, defibrillators, etc. are all essential to patient care. So is your lighting, primary heating and cooling equipment. Keeping your electrical systems in great shape is critical to positive outcomes. Here are some guidelines for implementing an effective electrical maintenance program. Electrical Maintenance Tips for Medical Facilities Preventative maintenance is an …

Steps Involved with Multi-Location, Franchise, or Chain Store Electrical Design & Build Outs

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Are you moving your chain store to a better location? Are you adding a new franchise store to your existing business portfolio? Building or renovating a store begins with a concept for a new design. If you need to upgrade or create a new electrical system, then you need the assistance of professional electricians to ensure you meet code and your clients, employees, or tenants are safe. Leaving your electrical design to anyone less than a skilled and certified commercial electrical contractor …

High Voltage Electrical Professionals Needed

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Working with high voltage electrical systems is an extremely dangerous job. The smallest mistakes can lead to serious injuries, even loss of life.  A general maintenance worker without training in handling live electrical equipment or an unqualified electrician with insufficient knowledge of safety procedures to mitigate potential hazards will increase your liability. The same is applicable to the use of outside electrical contractors with unqualified workers. Businesses owners who ignore the…

Steps for Successful Large Equipment Troubleshooting and Rebuilds

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Modern equipment offers a high degree of reliability and efficiency. While this is certainly an advantage, the downside is that it may be often taken for granted until a problem occurs. Expert troubleshooting, regularly preventative maintenance and equipment rebuilds can help prevent sudden failures and downtime. Our highly-skilled commercial electricians share some useful tips for cost-effective operation. Equipment inspections: When was the last time your mechanical and electrical systems…

Tips for Cost-Efficient Conveyor Installation and Maintenance

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Conveyor belts are essential to a wide range of operations, including large manufacturing plants, distribution centers, airports, and smaller industrial units. Professional conveyor installation optimizes the service life of your material handling system and helps you maintain a safe working environment. Our highly-skilled commercial electricians share some valuable tips for cost-effective operation of your conveyer system. Select the right size, capacity, and track configuration: From space…

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