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6 Electrical Problems that Can Potentially Occur during the Winter Months

Winter winds and inclement weather bring a chill to the bones, but they can also cause problems with your facility’s electrical system. Ice build-up can cause power lines to go down, leaving your offices and warehouses without heat. Because of the colder weather, your equipment may draw more electricity than expected. The extra draw may strain your current electrical setup. Understanding the different issues is the first step in ensuring your power system remains running. Hiring a qualified commercial electrical contractor is the second important step.

6 Areas Where Problems Can Occur 

You might be surprised at what can go wrong during the frigid winter months. Here are six areas of which you should be aware.

  1. Power Outages: Winter weather can wreak havoc on your facility. When the power goes out, your equipment can be affected. Additionally, your heating system will play hard to catch up and reheat the building when the power comes back. It is helpful to be prepared with a power generator.
  2. Circuit Breaker Trips / Insufficient Power: When an electrical panel is old, winter weather can cause problems because of overuse of energy from heaters, furnaces, and regular applications. When you have too many additional items running, it is possible to trip a breaker or cause lights to flicker.
  3. Static Electricity: Dry environments can trigger static electricity. Employees can experience powerful shocks when static electricity is in the air. This state of charge imbalance can be dangerous, particularly around electrical wires and flammable substances.
  4. Frayed Wires: These may be more noticed during the winter though they can cause issues throughout the year. Snow and ice can cause significant damage when not properly maintained. It is also possible for the wires to catch on fire.
  5. Fire from Misuse of Extension Cords: Power strips and extension cords are used year-round but tend to be used more in the winter. The draw on extension cords can tax the cord, leading to a fire. Space heaters under desks may use a power strip. Your staff may decorate the front office for the holidays, including lights.
  6. Outdated Equipment: Old devices, appliances, and equipment can cause significant issues if they malfunction. They are susceptible to damage, even when minimally used. For example, space heaters used to warm up a generally cold office are stuck in storage for most of the year. If used, they can place too much drain on the electrical system. The same idea occurs with other outdated or rarely used equipment. 

Avoid Costly Winter Electrical Problems 

You might not be able to prevent an ice storm, but you can be prepared for its ramifications. J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. has years of experience with the harsh Northeastern cold weather. We understand what can happen and provide fast service to quickly get you back up and running. Join the many businesses across the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware areas that depend on us. Our many different electrical, mechanical, and commercial services aid you all year long. Gain peace of mind when you contact us today.

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