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Benefits of Installing UPS Units

As a business owner or operator, you are well aware of how losing power even for a millisecond can cost your business thousands of dollars. While almost every business operation requires electricity, sensitive equipment in hospitals and data centers is especially vulnerable to outages. So how do you avoid joining the countless American enterprises that lose billions annually on account of power failure?  

Having an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit prevents damage, accidents, and the loss of productivity resulting from blackouts and other power anomalies. Our experienced industrial and commercial electrical contractors explain the business advantages of investing in UPS units. 

How UPS Units can Keep Your Business Productivity on Track

  1. No more outages: One of the key benefits of investing in a UPS unit is continuous and consistent power supply for your business operations. In the event of a brownout or blackout, it provides temporary power to machines till you connect to the backup generator. This prevents any operational disruption and loss of productivity.
  2. Protects sensitive machinery and equipment: From manufacturing equipment to computers, a UPS unit offers advanced protection from damage caused by a variety of power issues. How? By sensing surges, spikes, dips and outages and converting to an alternate power source before any harm is done. This saves you the expense of repairing and replacing machinery damaged by frequent exposure to spikes, surges and sudden outages.  
  3. Minimal risk of data loss: With a UPS unit, you will have time to save your work and correctly power down computers and network equipment. You will have time to connect to backup generators. This helps prevent or minimize any corruption and loss of data being currently worked on as well as what is stored in these systems.  
  4. Reduced noise: When compared to backup generators, the fans of UPS units are significantly quieter. Since there is no annoying buzzing noise to disrupt your day, you can choose to install it inside or outside your facility.
  5. Use it anywhere: From data centers, hospitals and utility units to offshore rigs and remote localities without any independent or shared power supply, you can install a UPS unit almost anywhere that you might need one. 

While UPS units may seem like a substantial investment, they pay for themselves in uninterrupted business operations and equipment protection.

Customized UPS Unit Installations by Licensed Commercial and Industrial Electricians

Do you want to prevent power outages and anomalies from disrupting your business? At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., our industrial and commercial electricians provide customized solutions to meet your specific operational needs. Over the years, we have helped medical, commercial and industrial firms across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware enhance their productivity and energy savings. We will evaluate your requirements and offer a plan to minimize outages and costly downtime.

Our comprehensive electrical services include machinery design and layout assistance, design and installation of power control systems, safety and security system installs, testing and commissioning, and 24/7 emergency repair services. Count on our experienced electricians for smart solutions to run your electrical systems and business, in a cost-efficient manner.

Call us at 215-633-8330 to learn more about our electrical services. You can also request a quote online for installing UPS units at your business facility.