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Collaboration Is Key for a Smooth Project: Tips for Developers, Builders, Integration Providers, and Commercial Electricians 

If you want to achieve a collaborative build, it’s essential to have savvy project coordination, effective communication, and smart technology to keep everyone connected. From installing electrical components to laying out the plumbing to the final phase of your new build or renovation, it takes an experienced project coordination team to keep your commercial project on track. At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we work in concert with other contractors and subcontractors to ensure seamless integration and productivity.

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing property or want to create a new building with built-in smart technology, we can keep the focus on your goals and ensure that all partners collaborate throughout each construction phase.

Collaboration, Connection, and Communication

Our engineers, electricians, and managers understand the importance of the three Cs, collaboration, connection, and communication. Here’s how we integrate these best practices to establish a productive, safe, and successful project:

  • Communication: Communication is key to getting the job done without delays along critical pathways. Poor communication can cause your commercial electrical or construction job to fail. Fortunately, J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. provides an experienced point person to ensure everyone is aware of changes and status updates.
  • Connection: Office and field teams may feel like they’re on different charters in a chaotic environment. Field workers may not clearly explain what’s happening on site, and the support staff and managers in the office may not sufficiently communicate urgency when it comes to timelines, design changes, and compliance requirements. Our team provides the tools, processes, and procedures to avoid misunderstandings that lead to costly delays.
  • Collaboration: Fostering collaboration from day one starts with clearly defined roles and goals. You need to clearly outline how each task contributes to the project. This can create an appreciation for other stakeholders and partners that leads to a unified team versus siloes of silence. Some of the benefits of collaboration include:
    • Reduces wasted manpower, time, and money.
    • Creates satisfied clients that will send referrals to collaborative developers, builders, integration providers, and electrical contractors.
    • Improves the reputation of each party involved in the build. 
    • Reduces delays caused by tear downs, mistakes, and reworks.
    • Keeps your project on its delivery schedule and within budget guidelines.
    • Produces a higher ROI on the project by preventing wasted materials and higher labor costs.

Electrical Contractor Considerations and Best Practices

To successfully integrate with other project teams, our commercial electricians facilitate prompt communication on the jobsite. We achieve this by creating or contributing to a formal planning process to set goals, reduce risks, and allocate resources.

Our best practices will help keep your electrical and construction projects moving forward. They include:

  • Keeping safety factors top of mind, especially when collaborating with other contractors, such as plumbers, builders, and developers.
  • Organizing tools and equipment to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste.
  • Providing the training and communication needed to avoid accidents and misunderstandings that can derail your project.
  • Adopting and sharing technology that facilitates collaboration, connection, and quality control for electrical projects.
  • Coordinating among all teams to optimize installations and avoid delays.
  • Introducing quality control that focuses on meeting your expectations and increasing profitability.
  • Measuring performance to help our electrical contractors identify weaknesses and exploit strengths.

Creating successful collaboration among developers, builders, and integration providers begins with straightforward communication managed by knowledgeable project coordinators. The benefits outweigh the added efforts and can expedite project completion. 

J&S Electrical Contractors handles integration and collaboration efforts for large and small commercial projects. To set up a consultation, call 215-633-8330 or contact us online to keep your project on time and schedule.