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Electrical Systems: Installation, Upgrades and Testing

As a business owner or property manager, much of your time and energy goes into the upkeep of the facilities that house your products, services, or production lines. With endless hours of hard work going into your setup, you want to take every possible precaution to prevent any hazards, including electrical fires. Properly designed electrical solutions and accurate installation of your equipment and machinery are the basis for keeping your premises electrically safe and sound. Moreover, periodic testing and timely upgrades will go a long way in protecting your precious commercial assets and investments from any potential electrical issues.

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we install electrical systems for a wide range of businesses. In fact, we go several steps further than just building the systems. Our services also include maintenance, repairs, inspections, upgrades and testing of the electrical systems. Read on to know how we can help keep your commercial property safe and power efficient.

Highlights of Our Electrical Services: What We Can Do for You

Installation and Testing 

If you are setting up your new commercial space, you need to configure energy efficient electrical systems that help you run your facilities smoothly and safely. 

  • Our licensed and safety-trained professionals bring decades of engineering and construction knowledge to design and build electrical systems from scratch. 
  • We offer complete wiring, insulation, grounding, bonding, load balancing, and other such services required to set up your electrical equipment, appliances and machinery for new premises. 
  • Our sophisticated testing technology can help enhance the safety of existing, as well as newly installed electrical systems.
  • We also offer installation of security systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting, backup power systems and other specialty appliances and machinery.


During the inspection, our expert electricians thoroughly investigate the state of your electrical systems and property, in order to ensure that all the:

  • Power outlets and electrical fixtures are functioning accurately
  • Electrical appliances and systems are properly installed and running efficiently
  • Business equipment is in good working order, and does not create any unnecessary strain on the overall electrical system 
  • The building wiring is in good condition; older buildings may be more susceptible to weather damage or pest infestations. 

Based on the findings, our team will suggest suitable upgrades for any aspects that are lacking. Investing in the suggested upgrades and maintenance plans will help you reduce your energy bills, expand your green footprint, and keep your property and its occupants safe.

Timely Inspections 

No matter how small or large your setup, it is imperative to keep your business premises, equipment and systems safe from short circuits or other electrical problems. After all, any untoward incident caused due to your negligence may leave you with not just expensive debts and lawsuits, but huge personal grief and guilt. Keep your employees, patrons, business assets and belongings out of harm’s way by carrying out electrical inspections every 5 years. You can shorten this period based on the complexity of electrical systems, age of the building, and type of equipment or machinery you use.  

Trusted Electrical Solutions by Licensed Commercial Electricians

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we offer comprehensive commercial electrical solutions to businesses across the North East, as well as Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Indiana, Minnesota, and Michigan. From new system installations and testing, to electrical retrofits and upgrades, we offer a range of services to enhance the safety and electrical efficiency of your business operations. Our skilled, qualified and insured crew helps you remain compliant with applicable codes, and also assists you in enrolling for government-agencies-run rebate assistance programs. We deliver each project on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction. 

Power up your commercial property with efficient, reliable and affordable electrical solutions from J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 to discuss your requirements or contact us online for a free quote.