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Electrical Tips When Lighting Your Commercial Property this Holiday Season

The holidays are typically a busy season for commercial property owners and managers. It’s the busiest time of the year for retail properties and you want yours to look its best. Apartment buildings and other properties also look more welcoming and attractive all dressed up with decorations and lighting. To give your tenants, visitors, customers, and business owners an enchanting view on a wintry night, you need a strategy that features safety first, without sacrificing an awe-inspiring effect.

At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc. our commercial master electricians can help you plan and implement your holiday lighting plan, starting with the tips below. 

Early Planning Makes Your Building Stand Out

To help your building stand out in the right way, start planning early. You want to remove slippery ice from sidewalks and roofs if you plan to send your maintenance crew to hang lights around the building. Our project coordinators would be happy to provide guidance on setting up your illumination in a tasteful, safe, and secure manner.

  • What is your color and pattern theme?
  • Will you be plugging in multiple decorations for Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays?
  • Are you worried about what your holiday lighting will do to your utility bill?

Our team would be happy to help you come up with a project plan that won’t send your electricity bill skyrocketing. Using efficient lighting and best practices, you can create a beautiful holiday decorating theme that minimizes risks.

Pick the Areas You’ll Design, Thoughtfully

Where are you hanging your holiday decorations and lighting? Many decision-makers immediately think of the roofline when it comes to hanging icicle lighting and other illumination. Here are a few other ideas: 

  • Framing windows with fairy lights personalizes commercial properties.
  • Colorful lighting along pathways provides a multi-purpose holiday scheme that will brighten everyone who walks or drives by.
  • Consider lighting trees and shrubs to add a special ambience and help prevent trips and falls.

Garlands, wreaths, and bows compliment holiday lighting during the daylight hours.

Gather the Right Tools (or Let Us Handle the Job)

Hide cords under mulch for a cleaner look and to prevent tripping. LEDs provide bright, efficient lighting in many colors. Consider using clips rather than nails to hang lighting so you can avoid damage to your commercial structure.

Additional Tips for Safe, Beautiful Commercial Holiday Illumination

Follow these tips for safe electrical practices and effective holiday lighting:

  • When replacing bulbs on strings of lights, choose lights with the same wattage to avoid overheating.
  • Fiberglass and wood ladders are sturdy and minimize conductivity. This can decrease the risk of electrical shock. 
  • Follow manufacturers’ guidelines carefully.
  • Don’t connect more than three strands without the assistance of a licensed commercial electrician to avoid an overload. 

J&S Electrical Contractors can design, install, and inspect your holiday lighting to give you peace of mind this holiday season. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online for assistance with your commercial lighting scheme.