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Electricity Upgrades Are an Important Part of Your Company’s Growth

Commercial organizations have a primary goal – to be profitable. Sales teams seek clients for new sales of products and services while the accounting team keeps an eagle eye out on how much money gets spent on manufacturing equipment and office supplies. There is always a push-pull relationship between different departments, but the goal for both is to make money while serving customers. What areas are your leaders investigating to cut costs and still make a profit without increasing prices? One area to research is electricity usage and consumption. It is possible to invest in electricity upgrades by a licensed electrical contractor to aid your company’s growth.

5 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption and Encourage Company Growth 

Minimizing your carbon footprint is possible by taking proactive steps to increase energy efficiency throughout your building. Here are five ways to reduce consumption to get you started:

  1. Develop a Team to Assess Energy Use and Tailor a Plan to Reduce It: You need to know how much you are using before you can reduce your energy consumption. Start by developing a small team that can bring together energy data and create a plan to lower consumption.
  2. Get Your Employees On-Board: Any upgrades you make will not necessarily lead to less energy use if you do not have team buy-in. Look for ways to engage your employees in reducing the amount of energy used. Educate them on current consumption levels and guide them on strategies to reduce that usage, with insights on how that can save the company money for continued growth.
  3. Replace Old, Inefficient Light Fixtures: Possibly the most straightforward step to accomplish is swapping out light fixtures and bulbs. Since we all need light to do our jobs, it makes sense that the most electricity waste probably comes from this area. Have your trusted licensed electrician replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs and retrofit light fixtures.
  4. Install Light Sensors throughout Your Building: Besides requesting employees turn lights off when they leave a room, sensors can automatically adjust lights based on use. These devices are relatively inexpensive and highly reliable in controlling lighting and minimizing energy waste.
  5. Purchase Energy-Star Qualified Products: As the time nears to replace equipment and systems, consider shopping for the most energy-efficient ones possible. For example, if you need to replace your HVAC system, research how to get the best efficiency for your building.

Choose a Qualified, Trusted Contractor for Electricity Upgrades 

Encourage business growth by hiring J&S Electrical Contractors to come into your facility and make the needed changes to your lighting and other areas. Our team can assist you with options for continued energy conservation. The result is less waste and a better bottom line for your company. Our experienced team performs a vast array of services to aid you in keeping up with production. Look to us for new projects, upgrades, commercial and mechanical services, and project coordination. We service Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware businesses with all their electrical needs. Learn how we can help you when you contact us today. 

For customized, energy-efficient commercial electrical solutions, hire the experts at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online for a free quote.