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Energy-Efficient Electrical Upgrades To Consider

Commercial buildings account for nearly 35% of all energy use in the country. If you have a large commercial or industrial facility, there are numerous electrical upgrades that will improve energy efficiency. These changes can decrease your organization’s impact on the environment and dramatically lower your monthly energy costs. Find out how J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. can upgrade your electrical system and help you save money. 

Get a Commercial Energy Audit

Our commercial electricians can come to your property to perform an energy audit. Once we’re done, we’ll provide a list of upgrades that would most benefit your property. If you have specific questions about the capabilities of your current electrical system, let the electrician know so they can focus their results to answer your concerns. 

A commercial energy audit will help you to identify areas where your building is wasting energy and how you can correct those issues. When we audit your business energy usage, you can use this information to decide which upgrades to make first.

Upgrade Electrical Subpanels – The electrical subpanels in your commercial property distribute electricity to the different parts of your building. If your electrical subpanel is outdated or not functioning properly, you may face a number of problems, including:

  • Inability to run equipment to full capacity
  • Increased risk of electrical fires
  • Wasted energy as appliances and equipment short cycle
  • Inability to attract commercial tenants requiring modern electrical functionality

Upgrading or replacing subpanels can lead to increased energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and less risk of an electrical fire.

Wiring Upgrade – Over time, your commercial building’s wiring will degrade. Upgrading your wiring is a great way to improve performance and efficiency. Additionally, you should call us to inspect your wiring every few years and before any major upgrades and renovations.

If you have an older commercial or industrial facility, parts of it might still operate on knob and tube, cloth wiring, or other substandard materials. Fortunately, your local master electricians can upgrade your outdated wiring. 

Switch to LED Lighting – Upgrade your industrial lighting to more energy-efficient bulbs. Our lighting installers have installed thousands of LED lights for commercial customers in search of long-lasting, cost-effective illumination. 

Additionally, we recommend switching to smart lightbulbs you can program to turn off and on at specific times. Motion-sensing and light-sensing bulbs give your employees, visitors, or customers, the right lighting when and where they need it, without sending your energy bill soaring.

Upgrading your commercial building’s electrical system is a great way to save money and improve the safety of your business. These upgrades can also help to make your building more appealing to residential or commercial tenants. 

Experienced Commercial Electricians in Bensalem, PA

J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc. has licensed electricians that provide commercial electric services throughout Bensalem, PA, and the surrounding communities. If you’re interested in making meaningful electrical upgrades to your commercial building, we can help. 

Improve the efficiency and safety of your commercial property with the right electrical upgrades. Contact us online or call us at (215)633-8330 to schedule a consultation.