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Flood Damaged Electrical Components – Inspections, Replacements for Safety

Whether it is an extremely wet spring or hurricane season, flood damage is to be expected. When floodwaters infiltrate your office or manufacturing plant, you want to get things right immediately, but that may not be the best move. Yes, you should take steps to remove water and assess the havoc that is left. However, one area you need to take extra about is your electrical components and equipment. Without the proper inspections and replacements by a qualified commercial electrical contractor near you, you run the risk of experiencing significant issues. 

Areas Your Electrical Contractor Will Inspect

To prevent production loss and protect your electrical equipment, it is vital to have your facility inspected. Here are some of the areas your contractor should check and steps they will take when you call them in: 

  1. Disconnect All Electrical Equipment: If this is not already done, then your electrical contractor will ensure this is done for maximum security. Please note: it is critical that you do not turn on any equipment until it is thoroughly inspected. Doing so can cause severe personnel injury or death.
  2. Some Equipment Must be Replaced: Some pieces can be reconditioned based on the make and manufacturer of the damaged electrical components. However, NEMA requires these to be replaced:
    • Molded case circuit breakers
    • Switches
    • Components containing semiconductors and transistors
    • Outlet and junction boxes
    • Wire or cable listed for dry locations
  3. Some Equipment Can be Reconditioned: Those components that are checked and assessed as safe, can be reconditioned. They include:
  • Panelboards
  • Switchboards
  • Manual and magnetic controllers
  • Motor control centers
  • Low voltage power circuit breakers
  • Conduit and tubing
  • Install Portable Generators: To help you get back to work while waiting for your damaged equipment and components to be returned to service, a portable generator may be installed. Utilizing the generator should be done with care outside. Keep flammables stored in approved containers away from ignition sources. Be sure to turn the generator off before refueling.

Quality Repair Work from Dependable Licensed Commercial Electricians 

No one wants to experience mass water damage in their facilities. When a major storm disrupts your facility’s operations, depend on the commercial electrical contracting team at J & S Electrical Contractors. We have decades of experience with installations, repairs, and emergency services. Not only can we inspect the electrical damage, but we can also follow up with a tailored plan of action to get your operations back up and running quickly. Before disaster strikes, reach out to us for our wide range of electrical services. We can plan and install service in all your locations, offices, and facilities. We also offer 24/7 emergency repairs on commercial electrical systems in and around Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. 

Count on J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. for electrical inspections and repair work on your water-damaged equipment. Please speak to our trusted professionals at 215-633-8330 or contact us online to request a free quote.