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Importance of Surge Protection

Surge protection should be an integral part of every industrial, commercial and residential electrical system. Yes, it is true that surges in electric current are natural and have always occurred. However, the increasing use of sensitive electronics which are highly susceptible to damage make surge protection critical.

What causes a surge?

Power surges are quick, temporary spikes in voltage that occur when the electrical charge in the circuit gets a sudden boost. One study revealed that 63% of surges originated from within the facility. What caused them? Load dynamic changes on large machines, motors and light load panels turning on and off, etc. The remaining 37% were the result of external factors such as utility grid switching, electrical accidents and lightening.

What surge damage means for businesses

Utility experts estimate that power-related problems cost US companies more than $80 billion a year.

Below is a quick overview of how surge damage drives up your business expenses:

  • Higher equipment repair and maintenance costs
  • Expense of replacing motors, machines and electronics that are destroyed
  • Shorter equipment lifespan leading to early replacement expenses
  • Equipment failure resulting in unplanned downtime and loss of productivity
  • Electrical accidents and workplace injuries

How to protect your facility from surge damage

A high quality surge protection device (SPD) minimizes the risk of internal and external surges and saves you thousands of dollars in damage.  A properly-designed and installed SPD can withstand significant voltage spikes. An experienced commercial and industrial electrical contractor can help you find the right one for your facility as well as connect it correctly to your electrical system. 

At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we offer tailored solutions for your commercial or industrial facility. From new electrical system installation with surge protection to facility upgrades and lighting, we are fully equipped to meet your specific needs. Energy-efficient solutions, quality workmanship and exceptional service have helped us make customers for life. For over 25 years, plant and facility managers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and across the country depend on us for a wide variety of electrical, commercial and mechanical contractor services.

Ask us for a custom plan to protect your business from harmful electric surges. We will ensure stable electrical power transmission to your sensitive electronics and machines. Our commercial electricians are fully licensed, certified and up-to-date with technology and safety codes. From installation to maintenance and emergency repairs, you can rely on us for cost-efficient electrical solutions.

Call us at 215-633-8330 to learn more about our electrical services. Or request a quote online for your commercial and industrial projects.