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Interior Restaurant and Bar Lighting Ideas

Interior restaurant and bar lighting is essential to customer experience. It impacts how your patrons will feel as well as how the food appears and must therefore appeal to their senses. Focusing on fixture designs and not functionality is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid. While lighting must integrate with architecture and interior design, defining the purpose of the space and how it is used is critical to proper illumination. Simply put, setting the right mood promotes comfort, a longer stay and bigger order.

Our experienced commercial electricians share 3 tips to help you create a lighting plan that will make your restaurant more appealing to your customers.

  1. Color temperature: Every light source has a different color temperature. Even the subtlest difference in white or yellow, for instance, can impact whether or not your customers enjoy the meal. What is the right temperature? It depends on how the space is used. Warm hues are preferable for dining as cooler colors give of greenish hues which can make the food look unpalatable. Research also shows that amber lighting in bars helps people relax and encourages them to drink more.
  2. Brightness: Dim lights are likely to have your patrons fumbling in the dark while going too bright makes the environment harsh and uncomfortable. Once again, lighting intensity depends on purpose and the mood you want to create. Soft lighting for instance, creates a romantic atmosphere for a cozy meal. A night club will have different lighting from a restaurant that is also a dance venue.
  3. Placement: Now that you have selected the right color temperature and brightness, the final step is lighting placement. Getting it right is important both for highlighting interior design as well as functionality. Tables typically have overhead lighting. While bars have soft lights, it is also important to make them seen from the opposite side. Dance and the stage areas require enough lighting to see other dancers and performers as well as the band or DJ. In our experience multiple layers of adjustable lighting contribute to a successful design. You can control illumination to suit different occasions or times in the day. LED solutions are ideal as they are energy efficient and help control your overheads.

At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we offer a full range of commercial electrical services for the hospitality industry. From restaurant and bar lighting to refrigeration equipment, our tailored solutions can help you improve your bottom line. For over 25 years, restaurant owners as well as industrial plant managers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and across the country depend on us for a wide variety of electrical, commercial and mechanical contractor services.

Ask us for a custom plan to improve customer experience while lowering your energy usage and maintaining a safe workspace. Our commercial electricians are fully licensed, certified and up-to-date with technology and safety codes. From installation to maintenance and emergency repairs, you can count on us for cost-efficient electrical solutions.

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