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Is Your Property Due for an Electrical Service Upgrade?

According to a U.S. Fire Administration report, in 2017 alone, 8,200 commercial premises reported electrical fires that led to losses worth $431 million. No matter how old or new your commercial premises might be, your building’s electrical systems are a critical component of property upkeep. This includes routine maintenance, periodic electrical upgrades, and code compliance, in order to keep your commercial property hazard-free and functional. After all, there is nothing more important than the safety of your premises, occupants or employees, customers, and visitors. 

The experienced and qualified electricians at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc., elaborate on the need and criticality of electrical service upgrades, and how to determine if you need one.

Make Electrical Service Upgrades a Top Priority

There may be several signs that indicate your premises needs an electrical upgrade. Have you noticed or experienced any?

  • Lights flickering, or completely going out, as soon as you operate a certain machine or appliance? 
  • Sudden shut offs in the middle of operations, even for well-maintained or brand new equipment?
  • Breakers frequently tripping when you try to run all your electrical appliances at the same time?
  • Nearly every electrical outlet in the premise needing a surge protector? 
  • Insufficient power outlets for all the appliances and equipment that operate on electricity?

If you have identified a load balancing issue, and are resorting to multiple extension cords between different circuits, that is not a permanent solution to your electrical problems. In fact, you may be putting your premises at greater risk of electrical fires.  Here are some of the reasons your electrical systems may be giving trouble. 

  • Sizing Issues: Older premises that initially catered to lower electrical demands usually feature 60 to 120 amps systems and fewer circuits. However, today, even a small commercial setup or workshop needs a minimum of 200 amps capacity. Installing right-sized electrical amps is one of the most critical aspects of maintaining an optimally-functioning electrical system.
  • Damaged Systems: Your electrical panels could be in poor shape due to prolonged weather extremities or rodent problems. From corrosion and eaten wires, to melted wires or melted wiring insulation, there may be several issues that threaten the safety and performance of your electrical systems.
  • Consumption Changes: Have you recently added large electrical appliances, machinery or lighting as part of your business expansion? Built additions to your premises? Added or upgraded your building’s heating or cooling systems? Any change in your electrical consumption patterns merits an evaluation of the existing electrical systems. Mismatches in capacity versus consumption could present several risks, including equipment malfunction, code violations and electrical fires.

A licensed electrician will take into account the nature of the issue, the condition of the wiring, and the capacity of your building’s electrical panel, before deciding whether you need an additional subpanel, or a complete overhaul of the main electrical panel.  

Hire Trusted Commercial Electricians to Upgrade Your Electrical Systems 

The qualified team at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., has been serving the electrical needs of customers in and around Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 25 years. Whether it is design and installation, or upgrades, testing, maintenance and repairs of existing systems, we have the expertise to provide the full suite of commercial electrical services. Our skilled electricians conduct a thorough review of your existing systems before suggesting upgrades to address the present and future electrical needs of your business. Our goal is to ensure that your electrical systems remain safe, compliant, reliable, and energy-efficient over an extended period of time.

If your property is due for an electrical systems upgrade, rely on the licensed and insured professionals at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call us at 215-633-8330 or contact us online to request a free quote.