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Key Considerations When Planning to Develop a Commercial Strip Mall in PA

As a commercial property owner, manager, or developer, there are several things to keep in mind when planning to develop a commercial strip mall in Pennsylvania. To ensure the success of your venture, you need to consider local zoning laws and how to account for the needs of prospective tenants. At J&S Electrical Contractors, our commercial electricians and project managers can help you plan your project and ensure that the panel boxes, wiring, and other electrical components are installed quickly and efficiently.

What Is an Electrical Circuit?

A flawless installation starts with a well-thought-out electrical design. Our team considers all the details, such as outlets and lighting fixtures, and the needs of your tenants. We can develop comprehensive electrical plans by working in conjunction with your construction manager and other stakeholders. Of course, safety and security always come first in the planning and installation stages.

Keep these considerations in mind for the electrical components of your commercial strip mall development:

  • Electrical design: The design of your electrical circuits and panels can preserve the safety of your strip mall by eliminating fire hazards and ensuring that tenants and customers will have a reliable source of power for equipment, appliances, and electronics. When you work with our seasoned electrical engineers, rest assured that the finished project will meet all local codes and standards and leave room to grow for future tenants. 
  • Lighting design: Strip mall lighting has several functions. It can provide illumination and directions for patrons, and task lighting for individual tenants. It’s important to consider energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. Additionally, you’ll need to install lighting fixtures that provide a consistent look throughout the mall.
  • Technology infrastructure: It’s imperative to plan ahead when it comes to choosing the right technology configuration to support the needs of tenants and customers. This could include provisions for advanced security systems, Wi-Fi, and other technology that will make it easy to rent out your commercial space. 
  • Tenant electrical needs: Start with asking yourself what your prospective tenants will need. For example, all businesses require overhead and emergency lighting fixtures as well as illuminated exit signs. Additionally, some businesses may require more outlets to power electronic devices. Specialized equipment, task lighting, and customization for potential tenants all come into play when planning the electrical components of a commercial strip mall.
  • Electrical safety: Make safety a top priority! Our master electricians receive continuous training and feedback on how to run a safer workplace. Our team will schedule regular inspections to ensure adherence to local codes and regulations.

By taking these considerations into account, you can ensure that you develop, build, or renovate a commercial strip mall with properly planned electrical components. Taking these steps upfront can mean the difference between quickly renting out available space to commercial tenants and spending time and money on renovations after the build. Follow these tips on what to discuss with your electrician in each phase of the project.

J&S Electrical Contractors can design electrical systems for your commercial strip mall development. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online to set up a consultation today!