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Lighting up Commercial Property for Safety

As a business owner, you are always trying different ways to promote your products or services, grow your customer base, reduce your overheads and increase your profitability. Another critical aspect of managing a business is to ensure the safety of your business data and materials, as well as your employees, customers and patrons who set foot on your premises. Whether it is an office, a mall, a hospital, a restaurant, a parking lot, a school campus, or any type of commercial complex, the security of the users is dependent on numerous factors. However, one basic safety measure that you can put in place is ensuring that all the frequently used areas within your property are lit up adequately. 

So how should you add effective lighting, without running up huge utility bills? How will you ensure a well-balanced lighting solution so that your premises don’t end up resembling a floodlit stadium? The experienced technicians at J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., discuss the aspects to consider while illuminating your commercial property. 

Take a Balanced Approach to Lighting for your Commercial Property

Once you have decided to increase or modify the lighting in your commercial premises, you may want to address these key priorities:

  • Better Visual Control: One of the main reasons to light up your commercial premises is to provide a sense of security to the people who spend time within your property. Whether there are uneven footings and staircases, overgrown shrubbery, or corridors that miss out on natural light, adding path lighting or architectural lighting is a tasteful way to offer better visual clarity. A professional electrical services company can help you select the right lighting options that highlight the unique features of your premises and enhance the safety of your employees, customers and visitors, without being excessive or harsh on the eyes. 
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: Although illuminating a commercial building for safety is imperative, making smart choices will help you to stay energy efficient and keep your utility bills in check. From motion sensors or timer-based, to LED or solar-powered, there are several lighting options for you to choose from.
  • Greater Functionality: In order to keep your business safe, you are likely to invest in a range of security features, including CCTVs, burglar alarms, guarded entry points and perimeters, and access-controlled or locked-down areas. Almost all these features require proper night lighting so that they can detect unusual activities and trigger the necessary alerts. Hence, lighting up your commercial premises is not just to heighten the sense of security for the occupants and users, but also to help the security measures function effectively and keep your business safe.

Customized Lighting Solutions by Licensed Commercial and Industrial Electricians

If you are looking to modify or expand your commercial lighting, or upgrade to solar or other energy efficient options, count on the customized lighting solutions by J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Our licensed and safety-trained commercial electricians are well-versed in the latest electrical solutions, and can set you up with cost-effective lighting, that meets the unique needs of your business. Over the years, we have helped several businesses across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware to improve their safety measures through our tailor-made lighting solutions.

To know more about our lighting installation, repairs and maintenance services, call us at 215-633-8330. You can also request an online quote for energy-efficient electrical upgrades for your commercial premises.