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Security Lighting to Protect Your Business and Patrons

You can dramatically improve the security of your commercial property with the right equipment. Advanced lighting design can help you save money while keeping your property well-lit and secure. When you work with the team at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc., you can choose low-maintenance, energy-efficient options, such as LED lighting, that are also safer for the environment.

At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc. our commercial master electricians can provide the skills and knowledge to update your existing security lighting. 

What Equipment Should You Use for the Best Security Lighting?

There are a number of ways to approach exterior lighting and enhance security at your retail, industrial, or other commercial building. Start by surveying your current nighttime lighting scheme. It’s important to consider the level of danger and location of your business when adding or subtracting from your current lighting systems.

Here are just a few examples of equipment you can use to deter crime and help employees, tenants, visitors, and patrons feel safe: 

  • Flood Lights: Flood an area with light with this powerful, long-range equipment. If you have large, unlit areas, floodlights can provide an affordable way to keep them lit and safe.
  • Spotlights: Highlight art installations, signage, landscape features, or the building itself. Spotlights have both aesthetic and security value. They also make it easy for first responders to find your building in case of an emergency.
  • Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures: By affixing light fixtures directly to the wall, you can customize the height. This gives you more control of lighting around your building in areas that receive the heaviest foot traffic.
  • Outdoor Ceiling Lights: Overhead lighting works well in spaces under buildings such as parking areas. You can also use them under awnings and other covered areas. 
  • Landscape Lights: At other times, you’ll want to illuminate areas close to the ground to avoid tripping. Consider landscape lights on steps, along pathways, and anywhere else guests may trip due to poor lighting.
  • Lamp Posts: Consider adding lamp posts to your commercial property. Lamp posts are great in areas where you need illumination but lack any physical structures to attach them to. They also add beauty and charm when properly installed and match your building’s aesthetics.
  • Motion-Activated Lighting: Motion sensors are a great way to conserve energy without sacrificing visibility and safety. These lights detect movement and activate without requiring you to leave the lights on around the clock. 

Deter Crime with the Right Lighting Scheme

Take the time to check dark areas of your property with one of our project coordinators or master electricians. We can help you come up with the most cost-effective ways to improve your security lighting. Your patrons and guests will appreciate the comfort of layered lighting that also enhances the look and feel of the property as a whole.

It’s equally important to avoid creating walls of light that hinder visibility for your current security systems. 

J&S Electrical Contractors can design lighting schemes at just the right brightness to help make your commercial building a safer place. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online for assistance with your commercial security lighting. We can also provide an evaluation of your interior lighting.