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Self-Storage Facilities Seem Simple, but Every Unit Requires Electrical Power

An intelligent way to make money as a business owner is through passive income. Owning a self-storage facility is a simple business structure that requires little input after the building is built but reaps big rewards. Attracting the best tenant makes it much easier to enjoy the benefits of storage ownership. There are many ways you can do this. For example, you may have climate-controlled units, drive-up units, shelving, electricity, electrical outlets, and so on. You can turn a simple commercial structure into a gold mine, especially when you choose an experienced electrical contractor

5 Reasons to Put Electrical Power in Your Storage Facility’s Units

Deciding to add electrical power to your facility’s units requires some forethought. You will want to determine if it makes good business sense for you. If you are not sure, consider these four reasons you may want to add electricity: 

  1. Give Tenants a Place to Recharge Batteries: Some tenants may use your climate-controlled units to store ATVs, RVs, antique cars, or other items with delicate electrical circuitry. Having in-unit electricity provides them with easy access to recharge batteries for their items.
  2. Open Opportunities for Business Owners: Finding a place to store inventory, tools, and equipment or even run some day-to-day business tasks can be difficult and expensive. Often, these small business owners utilize storage for excess inventory or to fulfill orders. Contractors may need additional, cost-effective space for equipment and to work on small projects. By offering electricity, you encourage small business growth.
  3. Climate-controlled Units: Warping, fading and melting due to heat can damage certain goods. Customers that need to store items requiring cool temperatures will appreciate storage units with climate-control capabilities.  
  4. Entice the Hobbyist: Hobbies can eat up a lot of home space. Having an area to which you can go eases the tension found in the clutter some hobbies create. For example, quilting, photography, or videography can require a lot of space that an apartment dweller may not be able to accommodate. With electricity in their unit, the hobbyist can get away and not tie up precious space at home to store their hobby tools.
  5. Encourage Budding Artists: Garage bands are quickly being moved out of their practice area because of excess stuff or aggravated neighbors. You could set aside specific large units as band rehearsal space, recording studios, or even an exercise room. There may be some legal requirements you should investigate first, but it could be a savvy business move. You never know; your storage units may be the reason a new band makes it big!

Licensed Commercial Electricians for Your Storage Space

Expand your business capabilities and entice new tenants when you add power to your storage facility. Choose the team at J & S Electrical Contractors for your electrical installation and maintenance needs. We offer you a wide range of electrical services. We can plan and install service in all your units so that you can reap the benefits quickly. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs on commercial electrical systems in and around Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Count on J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. for electrical service for your storage facility units. Please speak to our trusted professionals at 215-633-8330 or contact us online to request a free quote.