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Standby Generators Give More Power to Your Business Goals

Commercial outlets and industrial facilities often rely on standby generators for uninterrupted power supply to carry their business through a power outage. Industries, such as oil and gas, aviation, construction, telecommunication or data centers that are heavily reliant on stable power sources also do not hesitate to invest in smart backup power solutions. In fact, in the U.S., ‘emergency power systems’ are mandatory by law for all building systems that could create a safety hazard for humans, in case of lack of power. Typically, this includes healthcare facilities, schools, high-rises, underground buildings, and many others. Certain states have also mandated ‘standby power’ for industries where the building systems could disrupt businesses, even though they may not impact human life. 

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we build, maintain and repair electrical systems for an extensive range of industries. After decades of serving the electrical requirements of numerous businesses, we strongly advise certain industries to invest in standby generators, even if the law does not require it.

Top 5 Industries Where Standby Generators May be a Necessity

Nobody wants to be in a situation where the power goes out, crippling your planned activities or business operations. From physical discomfort and disruption of routine, to safety hazards and monetary losses, the lack of uninterrupted power supply could pose several challenges. 

Here are some industries that will hugely benefit from backup power systems. 

  1. Food: Whether it is freezers, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, or lights for the safety of their patrons, power outages could bring bakeries, cafés, restaurants or food manufacturing businesses to a complete halt. The inability to serve their customers could easily lead to thousands of dollars in losses for every hour or day that they remain inoperable.
  2. Hospitality: While large resorts and hotels may necessarily have to invest in backup power, smaller lodges, motels, or inns may think they can survive without it. However, have you considered the impact of power outages on the comfort and safety of your patrons? From the lights, elevators, and heating/ cooling systems, to security equipment, communications and payment services, all systems that are down will affect your ability to serve. This may not only hit you with poor ratings and negative publicity from existing patrons, but you may also lose potential customers and business in the blink of an eye.
  3. Retail and Professional Services: Malls, department stores, small retail stores, law offices or dental offices, no matter what kind of business you manage, standby power will always come in handy. Address aspects, such as safety, visibility, accessibility and cost-effectiveness by investing in a robust standby power system.
  4. Small Manufacturers and Tool Shops: Efficient backup power systems will help you protect your sensitive machinery and equipment, prevent accidents, minimize production downtime, and keep your business up and running at all times.
  5. Municipalities, Parking Lots and Government Services: Whether it is parking lots, government offices, water treatment plants, or garbage and recycling plants, all these facilities use automated equipment and systems that cannot afford to “take the day off”. Any interruptions in their services will not only reflect poorly on the governing authorities and city officials, but they may also pose health and safety risks to the general public.

Top Notch Standby Power Solutions by Licensed Commercial Electricians

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we work closely with entrepreneurs, professionals and facilities managers to plan and design smart electrical solutions. Our endeavor is to minimize power outages, decrease operational costs, and improve the efficiencies of your appliances and machinery. In addition to installing, maintaining and repairing standby generators, we offer a complete range of commercial and industrial electrical solutions. This includes wiring, lighting, electrical hookups, and more. No job is too big or too small for our skilled, qualified and experienced team.

We have been serving commercial and industrial establishments in and around New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware for over 25 years.

Prevent power outages from disrupting your business operations. For smart, reliable and affordable standby power solutions, hire the professionals at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 to discuss your requirements, or contact us online for a free quote.