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Steps for Successful Large Equipment Troubleshooting and Rebuilds

Modern equipment offers a high degree of reliability and efficiency. While this is certainly an advantage, the downside is that it may be often taken for granted until a problem occurs. Expert troubleshooting, regularly preventative maintenance and equipment rebuilds can help prevent sudden failures and downtime. Our highly-skilled commercial electricians share some useful tips for cost-effective operation.

  • Equipment inspections: When was the last time your mechanical and electrical systems were inspected? Deterioration of motors, generators, transformers, wires, cables, switchgear, batteries, light fixtures, arresters, electronic controllers, etc. over time is normal. However, studies show that industrial plants realized the lowest repair and replacement costs when a regular equipment inspection program was in place. Classify your equipment in terms of importance and risk to identify and record issues for corrective action. 
  • Preventative maintenance: Money spent on preventative maintenance will translate to lower equipment breakdown repair costs. Just fixing stuff when issues occur can be expensive. Your preventative maintenance program should be based on thorough equipment inspections and evaluations. In our experience, a one-size-fits-all approach to loss prevention tends to waste valuable resources and/or leads to neglect of critical actions. Also, simply following codes may not be enough. Codes typically assume that standard maintenance practices are in place, but they rarely mandate these practices. Furthermore, while for some equipment merely following code may be adequate, for other, the requirements may be even more stringent.
  • Equipment troubleshooting techniques: Expert troubleshooting involves correctly identifying the specific cause (or component) that is causing the problem. First, look for components which tend to burn or wear out, such as mechanical switches, fuses, relay contacts, or light bulbs. Coils, motors, transformers and other devices with windings which generate heat are the next probable cause of failure. Inspect screw and bolt connections as they can loosen over time and cause high resistance leading to burning. Finally, check for defective wiring. Remember that while you might identify the issue, you may not be qualified (as per OSHA requirements) to work on it.
  • Equipment rebuilds: Reconstructing equipment can give you increased lifespan with a lower price tag. When updated with the latest technology, it is often comparable to a new machine. In addition to environmental benefits, large equipment rebuilds have become popular because they save you money by prolonging the service life of your existing machines.

Avoid Outages and Loss of Productivity

Are you eager to prevent frequent equipment breakdowns? At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., our fully licensed and certified electricians are on the cutting-edge of technology. We recognize and adhere to the latest safety codes, providing service that delivers quality and value. Our comprehensive electrical solutions and tailored service plans are designed to prevent costly outages and optimize your returns. In addition to equipment installation, we also provide troubleshooting advice for repair and rebuilds.

With extensive experience in mechanical equipment and electrical systems in industrial and commercial plants,  we can help lower your operating costs. For over 25 years, industrial plant managers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and across the country depend on us for a wide variety of electrical, commercial and mechanical contractor services.

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