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Surge Protection is Critical for Certain Industries

Industries that use electronic machines or components are well aware that fluctuations in the power flow can potentially bring down their entire operations, especially if they do not have adequate surge protection. Whether it is lightning strikes, electrostatic discharges, or switching operations, there are many reasons why a surge may occur. The cause of the surge determines the duration and amplitude of the surge voltage. This is where surge protection equipment comes in. Essentially, it cuts off or diverts the overflow of electricity to prevent the excess voltage surge from passing through or coming in contact with sensitive electronic components. 

Without surge protection, a sudden spike could have devastating effects on your machinery, operations and business. Read on to know more about surge protection equipment, and its criticality for certain industries.  

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Surge Protection 

Even a momentary variation in the electrical current, voltage or frequency can damage the circuity, or cause malfunctions and data loss in the computers or data processors attached to your machinery and equipment. Although often overlooked or underestimated, surge protection equipment could be the invisible lifeline of any business. It is even more critical in an industrial setup, as compared to residential or small businesses, due to a number of reasons:

  • Expensive Components: Most industrial installations use highly sophisticated and expensive equipment. Any damage to the components will not only lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, but you may also have to incur a loss in productivity and profitability due to the added downtime. 
  • Exposure to Harsh Environments: In many industrial settings, the ongoing equipment wear and tear multiplies by the fact that the setup is fully or partially exposed to the elements. At the same time, all your electronic machines have to remain completely operational and provide uninterrupted support to the critical systems of the businesses you serve.
  • Performance Pressure: Your industrial equipment performance directly impacts the function and operations of your client businesses. Any downtime or hiccups in these systems can cause disruption to the linked businesses and may even bring their systems to a complete halt. This would have a domino effect in terms of loss of revenue, as well as a massive inconvenience to the end users. 
  • Ancillary Equipment Failures: At times, your ancillary equipment may not use surge protection because it is not integral to your operations. Even if installed, you may have missed regular maintenance or testing, since the routine functioning of systems does not depend on its performance. In such instances, your business may be taking on a considerable amount of risk, especially if a surge was to actually take place. 

Installing surge protection equipment into primary or adjacent systems is critical for most industries. Instead of being an afterthought, surge protection plans should be an integral part of system functionality across the board. However, certain industries may benefit from it a lot more than others. For example, companies that are into power generation and distribution, transportation and transportation infrastructure, chemical and petrochemical, and communications and telecom are responsible for keeping the connected world moving. Which means, any damage to their core or ancillary equipment could take entire businesses or services offline. Hence, whether it is limiting the downtime and expenses, or minimizing disturbances in critical processes, surge protection devices and equipment are absolutely non-expendable for all such industries.

Affordable Reliable Industrial Electrical Solutions

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