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Tips for Cost-Efficient Conveyor Installation and Maintenance

Conveyor belts are essential to a wide range of operations, including large manufacturing plants, distribution centers, airports, and smaller industrial units. Professional conveyor installation optimizes the service life of your material handling system and helps you maintain a safe working environment. Our highly-skilled commercial electricians share some valuable tips for cost-effective operation of your conveyer system.

  • Select the right size, capacity, and track configuration: From space-saving monorail conveyors to high-efficiency floor conveyors for assembly lines, and multi-track power conveyor systems that transport a variety of items, there are many options to choose from. Select a system that is appropriate for the type of material you want it to carry. Overloading your conveyor will damage it. We also recommend thinking ahead to accommodate any growth and expansion plans at your plant.
  • Pay attention to design: Your facility layout impacts the design and size of your conveyor belt. The ideal design covers all loading and unloading areas to improve work efficiency and productivity.
  • Choose throughput carefully: Depending on the nature of your business, you may need faster or slower throughput. This refers to conveyor speed or the maximum number of cases per minute (CPM) the conveyor will safely accommodate. To maintain optimal performance, engineers suggest that the CPM throughput should be within 10% of the maximum limit.
  • Calculate power requirements: Determining the power requirements of your conveyor belt is critical to preventing machine breakdown and system overload. We can help you properly estimate your requirements to avoid equipment damage and downtime costs.
  • Operator training: Only qualified personnel should operate a conveyor. Training should include instruction in operation under normal conditions as well as what to do in emergency situations. Loading and unloading points should also be kept clear of obstructions that could endanger personnel.
  • Regular maintenance: All mechanical equipment including conveyors need maintenance. Just fixing issues as they occur can be expensive. Adhering to a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan will help you maximize run time.

With the right system, correct conveyor installation, and regular upkeep, you can make the most of your investment. Working with an experienced provider of conveyors and a team of certified commercial electricians will help minimize your liabilities.

At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., our fully licensed and certified electricians ensure seamless installation and operation of your conveyor systems. Our expertise covers a wide range of material handling systems in industrial and commercial plants.  Leverage our tailored service plans to reduce implantation time, and optimize the returns on your investments. For over 25 years, industrial plant managers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and across the country depend on us for a wide variety of electrical, commercial, and mechanical contractor services.

Our comprehensive electrical solutions include machinery design and layout assistance, design and installation of power control systems, safety and security system installs, as well as test, commissioning, and 24/7 emergency repair services. Designed and installed to exacting standards, our power control solutions deliver consistent performance and ensure your peace of mind. You can count on us to ensure your system is up and running as soon as possible.

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