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Winter Energy Savings Tips for Businesses

When Old Man Winter arrives, you will know each time your accounting department reviews the electricity bill. You do not often consider the amount of energy your business consumes in day-to-day operations. Instead, you run your computers, presses, or other machines steadily to accomplish the tasks needed to keep customers satisfied. It is possible to save money on utility bills over the winter with simple steps and support from your reliable electrical contractor. Imagine the look of pleasure on your Accounting Manager’s face when they notice that this winter’s utility bills are lower than last year!

7 Action Steps to Save Energy this Winter 

Stay cozy and comfortable in your office or warehouse during the cold season. One way to combat Old Man Winter is with these proven action steps:

  1. Have Your Utility Company Conduct an Energy Audit: Start here to get the big picture on areas that may be losing heat. Your utility company can point out ways to cut energy costs in your facilities, including inexpensive solutions and capital improvements.
  2. Make Your Building More Airtight: Look at doors and windows for gaps. Install door sweeps, weather stripping, and foam tape where needed. Caulk may be used for small air leaks and spray insulation for larger ones. You might consider plastic sheeting or curtains placed over windows.
  3. Install Programmable Thermostats: The beauty of these thermostats is that they can be programmed to lower temperatures during off-hours when no one is in the area. Then, you can set it to start warming up areas before your team arrives. This is also handy during the summer when you need to cool things down.
  4. Replace Air Filters in HVAC Systems: Heating systems that cannot breathe have to work harder and use more energy. Regularly replacing filters ensures that airflow occurs as it should. Don’t forget to have the system tuned up as well.
  5. Clear Outlet and Inlet Grilles: Dust and dirt buildup on the HVAC grilles also makes your system work harder than it should. Keeping them regularly cleaned will help.
  6. Plant Trees and Shrubs for Windbreaks: If your building is exposed to an open area, stopping the wind with trees can be beneficial as they lower the wind chill factor, reducing heating costs.
  7. Keep Outside Doors Closed: Have your team keep the doors closed unless in use for loading bays and maintenance areas. This action step helps not only in the warehouse area but also aids in keeping offices warmer.

Heat Your Building without Raising Your Utility Bills 

Save money on your utility bills and make your accounting department happy by working with J&S Electrical Contractors. Our team has the experience necessary to install programmable thermostats, address outdated lighting, and much more. We are here when you need to upgrade your electrical system for better efficiency in the winter and all year long. Businesses across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware areas depend on our expertise. Learn more about our electrical, mechanical, and commercial services when you reach out to us today.

For customized, energy-efficient commercial electrical solutions, hire the experts at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online for a free quote.