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Importance of Proper Electrical Load Balance in Commercial Buildings

The complex infrastructure and multi-faceted operation of a commercial building requires careful planning for everything to function optimally and smoothly. Towards this goal, making use of the available capacity of electrical supply without overloading it is what electrical load balancing aims to do.  

Proper electrical load balance is crucial to ensure safety, optimize energy efficiency, and comply with electrical codes and standards. It promotes the reliable operation of the electrical system at your industrial facility, office building, or commercial apartment building. 

J&S Electrical Contractors offers commercial electrical services that enable you to quickly overhaul your existing equipment to avoid damage. It can also save you from paying penalties for exceeding peak capacity limits. 

Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Electrical Load?

If you own or manage commercial or industrial buildings or facilities, it’s essential that you monitor the amount of electricity drawn at various times. You also need to know which tenants or building operations are causing the spikes so that you can address the imbalance. By working with us to install the right monitoring equipment, you can detect spikes in the following areas:

  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Loading

Electrical load monitoring pinpoints issues with your power equipment so that you can address them appropriately. Our team can provide this and other commercial services to optimize performance and keep costs down in your industrial or commercial premises.

Benefits of Electrical Load Balancing

Load balancing prevents circuit overloads and improves power quality and performance. Do your part to save energy and you may find that your monthly electrical bills go down. Your equipment will also keep going strong to its predicted useful life, and possibly after. 

The key benefits of load balancing include:

  • Avoid circuit overloads: Drawing too much current can overheat your circuits and may even cause a fire. Distributing the load evenly over multiple circuits reduces your risk of an overload.
  • Increase power quality: Unpredictable loads cause voltage fluctuations that damage equipment and endanger sensitive electronics.
  • Conserve energy: Balanced electrical loads significantly increase your electrical system, saving you money on the energy bill for your large commercial building, strip mall, or educational campus.

How Can You Achieve a Balanced Electrical Load?

A load balancer distributes electrical loads across multiple circuits. However, it’s not your only option. We can also install a power factor correction (PFC) device. This equipment will improve the way your electrical system processes electricity. A higher power factor translates to stable voltage, and a lower power factor causes power fluctuations that increase costs and risks. 

J&S Electrical Contractors can help you effectively schedule your operational loads and log energy usage over time. Quite often, there are numerous issues that cause spikes during peak consumption hours. By rescheduling certain operations to off-peak hours, you can reduce demand and lower your electrical expenses.

J&S Electrical Contractors can install your electrical circuits, panels, wiring, systems, and monitor the electrical load at your commercial building. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online so we can help you address inefficient processes standing in the way of a properly balanced electrical load.