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Professional Estimators Help Reduce Change Orders

 Successful construction projects ride on a stable plan. Often, changes mid-way can wreak havoc on schedules and budgets. Change orders, or modifications to original construction contracts, have the power to affect your bottom line, cause disputes, and even incite litigation. While some change orders are inevitable, the goal should be to reduce unnecessary modifications to lower your risk. 

A professional electrical estimator can assist in creating an accurate work scope, price, and schedule. In this way, they can help reduce change orders down the road. At J&S Electrical Contractors, we pride ourselves on delivering precise calculations concerning the amount of electricity a building needs, and the associated costs. 

4 Ways Professional Estimators Can Reduce Change Orders

Change orders may come up for many different reasons, although most come about from underestimations of electrical service, errors or exclusions from the original contract, unforeseen construction site or build conditions, design changes, or material or equipment replacements. As certified estimators and contractors, we understand how frustrating change orders can be. That’s why we seek to reduce the likelihood of them popping up by carrying out the following procedures: 

  • Ensure we have all the details. Our professional electrical estimators collect all the information we can about the construction site conditions and build details. We examine everything from qualifications, to building design, quality and quantity of materials, to architecture and electrical drawings. Our team clarifies any discrepancy or inconsistency to ensure an accurate picture of the construction project. By doing so, we can correctly determine electricity and the costs involved for your specific project. 
  • Confirm understanding. Qualified and experienced estimators know that understanding the estimate is key. This is one of the most significant means of reducing change orders, as project managers can review estimates prior to accepting the scope and cost. It also provides the opportunity to clear up ambiguity beforehand, reducing the need for changes later on. 
  • Coordinate and communicate. Clear, consistent communication between appropriate parties is the best way to ensure electrical estimates are accurate. Our team works closely with construction managers, architects, and engineers. For this reason, we can take small details into account that may have been left out of drawings or documents. For instance, structural engineers may place HVAC ducts precisely where electricians were planning to place wiring. Minimizing or eliminating often overlooked issues can provide better estimations. The pros at J&S Electrical Contractors have extensive knowledge and experience in electrical design, engineering, and construction. Let’s put that to work for your project!
  • Calculate with up-to-date information. When carrying out calculations, it is crucial that electrical estimators use up-to-date figures concerning materials, equipment, and work costs. Likewise, if there are supply chain shortages, recalls, or better products on the market, estimators can substitute certain materials according to project needs. Otherwise, change orders may occur when certain products are unavailable down the road.

How Can Electrical Estimators Help Your Planning?

Electrical estimators can impact your construction planning in positive ways. With accurate and detailed estimates, you can:

  • Develop a clear statement of work scope, schedule, and budget
  • Choose the best material or equipment substitutions beforehand
  • Forecast price changes for materials and work
  • Coordinate project elements 

J&S Electrical Contractors can help you achieve these aspects, effectively reducing unnecessary change orders. We can also provide other important commercial and industrial services. Benefit your current construction plan, your bottom line, and your long-term project success by calling 215-633-8330 or contacting us online