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Memphis Flats is a renovation project in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.  An old popcorn factory was converted into a modern, industrial, loft-style condominium building.  The industrial look was maintained as much as possible, which means the design of the units and the common areas are unique.  The existing concrete floors were polished and the wood was sanded and varnished.  The ceilings were left in the same way as original leaving the exposed floor visible from below and the piping for all the equipment out in the open.

This was a challenging project for a few reasons.  We didn’t have a lot of space to store materials and equipment in the building or on the lot.  Everything that was delivered had to be coordinated very strictly.  Also, the electric service to the building was unusual.  Instead of the typical pole mounted transformer out on the street, we had to bring the high voltage in through the basement as well as the secondary transformers.  This project was completed in approximately eight months.