Prevent Accidents and Mishaps in Parking Lots: Install Ample Lighting

While planning the management and upkeep of your commercial premises, you want to make sure that all your arrangements are: 

  • On par with industry standards 
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Compliant with any applicable codes and regulations 

In this context, several aspects influence the reputation of your property or businesses. Do you have a welcoming landscape? Are the roads to your entryway smooth and free of potholes? Is your property maintaining excellent standards of cleanliness and hygiene? Do you have state-of-the art security measures to protect your residents and visitors?  

Good internal and external lighting is one such element that reflects your commitment towards improved safety, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of your premises. While you may put a lot of thought into planning the internal lighting, don’t ignore external lighting, especially for the parking lots. The qualified and experienced team at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc. explains why abundant lighting is essential for commercial parking lots.

Top 4 Benefits of a Well-Lit Parking Lot

  1. Enhance Safety: Ample lighting gives people a sense of comfort about entering, parking, or exiting your premises, especially during the late hours, when occupancy is limited or the property is secluded. In fact, a brightly lit parking lot speaks volumes about your vehicle security measures and safety standards for the residents and visitors. 
  2. Improve Security: Even if you install electronic surveillance systems to watch over your parking lots, catching any miscreants in the act would be difficult in poor light. Well-planned lighting is a must-have for improving the effectiveness of your security systems. 
  3. Prevent Accidents or Liabilities: Better the lighting, greater the visibility for vehicular and foot traffic in your parking lot. An abundantly illuminated lot will prevent drivers from inadvertently hitting other vehicles or passersby, and protect pedestrians from accidental trips and falls. Good lighting will also help you avoid situations, where your business becomes liable for vehicle damage or injuries to people.
  4. Deter Lawbreakers: Criminals scope out areas for thefts, muggings, vandalism, or other such acts look for spaces that are unlit or dimly lit. Poor visibility gives them added confidence to break the law, without fear of being identified or caught. Brightly lit parking lots act as a deterrent for potential criminal activities, and help you safeguard your property, customers, and prospects. 

Customized Lighting Solutions by Licensed Commercial Electricians

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we provide clever lighting strategies and cost-effective lighting solutions to a variety of commercial premises, including schools, malls, hospitals, corporate campuses, municipal complexes, and more. Our licensed and qualified electricians study your premises and customize lighting to meet the unique requirements of your property and businesses. From the illumination capacity, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance, to quality, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, we address all aspects that go into a well-lit parking lot. 

For large commercial premises, we can phase out parking structure retrofits in small increments. This will help in optimizing the equipment costs, minimizing disruptions, and keeping your lots partially operational throughout the installation, repairs, or upgrades.

Looking to expand or modify your parking lot lighting or upgrade to solar? Count on the dependable professionals at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online.

What is the Difference between a Main Panel and a Subpanel?

As the heart of any electrical system, it is important to understand the basis of a circuit box and the panels within. Not only is that useful in planning current or future electrical upgrades, but it will also help you optimize your electrical maintenance budget and keep your property safe. The experts at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc. explain the key components of the circuit box.

Highlights of Electrical Requirements in the Medical Industry

Whether it is medical, dentistry, psychiatry, obstetrical, surgical, or nursing care, every healthcare facility in the US is required to comply with a number of legislations and guidelines. From the building layout and construction materials, to operations and administration, every aspect needs to conform to the hygiene, safety or privacy standards defined by various regulatory bodies. One such aspect is the electrical solutions and wiring. Since each healthcare facility depends on electrical equipment for providing critical care and preserving life, electrical solutions in the medical sector come under heavy scrutiny and regulations. 

Surge Protection is Critical for Certain Industries

Industries that use electronic machines or components are well aware that fluctuations in the power flow can potentially bring down their entire operations, especially if they do not have adequate surge protection. Whether it is lightning strikes, electrostatic discharges, or switching operations, there are many reasons why a surge may occur. The cause of the surge determines the duration and amplitude of the surge voltage. This is where surge protection equipment comes in. Essentially, it cuts off or diverts the overflow of electricity to prevent the excess voltage surge from passing through or coming in contact with sensitive electronic components. 

Is Your Property Due for an Electrical Service Upgrade?

According to a U.S. Fire Administration report, in 2017 alone, 8,200 commercial premises reported electrical fires that led to losses worth $431 million. No matter how old or new your commercial premises might be, your building’s electrical systems are a critical component of property upkeep. This includes routine maintenance, periodic electrical upgrades, and code compliance, in order to keep your commercial property hazard-free and functional. After all, there is nothing more important than the safety of your premises, occupants or employees, customers, and visitors. 

Have You Installed Proper Sized Electric AMPs on your Property?

Do the lights at your commercial premises flicker or dim on their own? Do the breakers in your electrical circuits keep blowing every few weeks or months? Such instances may indicate that your breaker panel or fuse box is improperly balanced, or incorrectly configured (does not provide sufficient amps). Without a proper upgrade, your electrical equipment or machinery may not perform optimally, and is at risk of damage due to overheating of components.

Standby Generator May Be the Best Thing to Happen to Your Business

Whatever the nature of your business, uninterrupted electricity supply is almost always a critical aspect of delivering consistent products or services, a cornerstone of a successful business. Whether it is a factory, mall, bank, hospital, restaurant, or corporate premises, it is safe to say that every establishment benefits from installing a backup generator. However, certain businesses are at high risk of quality, safety, or health hazards, which makes them more vulnerable to the effects of power outages. 

Relocating a Medical Office? Hire an Experienced Commercial Electrician

Relocation of medical offices or dental clinics is not as simple as moving a few filing cabinets and furniture pieces. You may have to dismantle and reinstall sophisticated machinery, high value equipment, and delicate appliances. Typically, you do not have the liberty of time because  patients are awaiting treatment at your office. If there is even the slightest delay in your planned relocation, it will inconvenience both, patients, as well as your staff. 

Electrical Systems: Installation, Upgrades and Testing

As a business owner or property manager, much of your time and energy goes into the upkeep of the facilities that house your products, services, or production lines. With endless hours of hard work going into your setup, you want to take every possible precaution to prevent any hazards, including electrical fires. Properly designed electrical solutions and accurate installation of your equipment and machinery are the basis for keeping your premises electrically safe and sound. Moreover, periodic testing and timely upgrades will go a long way in protecting your precious commercial assets and investments from any potential electrical issues.