Light up Your Business Premises for Enhanced Security

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
While managing a business location, ensuring the security of your premises is of the utmost importance. Whether it is a corporate office, retail space, mall, restaurant, or some other commercial complex, proper lighting solutions are a critical aspect of keeping your employees, customers, and visitors safe. Thoughtfully planned lighting solutions will enhance the safety of your premises and ensure that nobody has to walk through dark or dimly lit hallways, shops, or even parking lots.

Commercial Solar Power Upgrades Can be Highly Beneficial for your Business

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
As a responsible business owner or property manager, you may always be looking at options to decrease overhead costs, increase efficiencies, and reduce your ecological footprint. If you are unsure whether to invest in solar energy, ask yourself some of these questions: Does your business consume the majority of electricity between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.?Do you want to reduce your dependencies on the grid and power your business at a predictable and fixed cost?Does your facility have enough roo…

Should Businesses Consider Building Wiring Stations for Electric Cars?

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Over the years, several automobile industry studies have indicated that the future of cars is electric. BCG’s latest forecast report suggests that electric car (xEVs) sales will make up 30% of the total car sales by 2025 and 51% by 2030. xEVs include the pure Electric Vehicles (EVs), as well as plug-in Hybrid (PHV) ones. If current forecasts stand true, xEVs sales will soon surpass the sales of the traditional, Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs)-powered vehicles. For forward thinking organiz…

Residential Versus Commercial Electrical Wiring

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
While all wiring may look the same, there are some key differences between residential and commercial electrical wiring. From the electrical codes and energy demand levels, to the grade or quality of materials, and wiring installation environment, every aspect varies between a residential or commercial electrical setup. In fact, not every electrician can do both types of work. Residential electricians go through licensing and certification from the relevant local and state agencies. Commerci…

Generator Maintenance is Crucial to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Unexpected power outages could occur due to a number of reasons, including natural or man-made disasters, unpredictable weather, or other site-specific electrical issues. Any disruption in the electrical supply could potentially lead to: Damaged electrical components and expensive repairs for your machinery and equipmentStaff and customer inconvenience due to inoperable appliances or IT systemsProduction downtime and monetary lossesLoss of critical electronic data or information  …

Electrical Service Size Requires Careful Planning

Whether you are upgrading an existing electrical service or planning installations for a new establishment, the size of your electrical service depends on a number of different factors. Underestimating the electrical requirements could lead to inconveniences, electrical equipment damage, expensive re-wiring costs, and serious safety risks. Overestimating would mean hefty utility bills and wastage of valuable resources.  The experts at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc., offer some i…

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