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When planning electrical systems for commercial and industrial facilities, a load assessment requires understanding how regional factors will influence energy usage at each unique location. Temperature variations, seasonal changes, and other local conditions influence the power needs of your business in many different ways.
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The smooth, uninterrupted functioning of your business operation relies significantly on an electrical system that can easily adapt to its growth. This means you need to wire your location for flexibility, making it easy to add new components and perform repairs without complications. 
Error-proof, dependable electrical systems are an essential part of modern healthcare. Hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and long-term care (LTC) communities are bustling hubs of activity where critical equipment is being used around the clock. This means their ability to provide 24×7 care depends on electrical systems that run optimally, all the time.
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If you want to achieve a collaborative build, it’s essential to have savvy project coordination, effective communication, and smart technology to keep everyone connected. From installing electrical components to laying out the plumbing to the final phase of your new build or renovation, it takes an experienced project coordination team to keep your commercial project on track. At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we work in concert with other contractors and subcontractors to ensure se…
A properly wired server room serves as the beating heart of your residential or commercial IT infrastructure. Whether you’re an entrepreneur working out of your home, an avid gamer, or a business owner, hiring the right electrical contractor can increase the reliability and performance of your network. Laying out the wiring and hardware efficiently and using robust security tools can prevent security breaches and ensure fast data transfer speeds with virtually no downtime.
As a commercial property manager or business owner, you want to ensure that your tenants or employees have reliable power. Understanding the role of emergency backup power systems and partnering with the right commercial electrical company is a winning combination for worry-free power that comes on as soon as the electrical grid goes down. Having an emergency backup power system makes it easier to keep customers and business partners safe in a blackout. It can also protect precious data and …