Residential Versus Commercial Electrical Wiring

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While all wiring may look the same, there are some key differences between residential and commercial electrical wiring. From the electrical codes and energy demand levels, to the grade or quality of materials, and wiring installation environment, every aspect varies between a residential or commercial electrical setup. In fact, not every electrician can do both types of work. Residential electricians go through licensing and certification from the relevant local and state agencies. Commerci…

Generator Maintenance is Crucial to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

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Unexpected power outages could occur due to a number of reasons, including natural or man-made disasters, unpredictable weather, or other site-specific electrical issues. Any disruption in the electrical supply could potentially lead to: Damaged electrical components and expensive repairs for your machinery and equipmentStaff and customer inconvenience due to inoperable appliances or IT systemsProduction downtime and monetary lossesLoss of critical electronic data or information  …

Electrical Service Size Requires Careful Planning

Whether you are upgrading an existing electrical service or planning installations for a new establishment, the size of your electrical service depends on a number of different factors. Underestimating the electrical requirements could lead to inconveniences, electrical equipment damage, expensive re-wiring costs, and serious safety risks. Overestimating would mean hefty utility bills and wastage of valuable resources.  The experts at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc., offer some i…

Prevent Accidents and Mishaps in Parking Lots: Install Ample Lighting

While planning the management and upkeep of your commercial premises, you want to make sure that all your arrangements are:  On par with industry standards Meet and exceed customer expectationsCompliant with any applicable codes and regulations  In this context, several aspects influence the reputation of your property or businesses. Do you have a welcoming landscape? Are the roads to your entryway smooth and free of potholes? Is your property maintaining excellent stand…

What is the Difference between a Main Panel and a Subpanel?

As the heart of any electrical system, it is important to understand the basis of a circuit box and the panels within. Not only is that useful in planning current or future electrical upgrades, but it will also help you optimize your electrical maintenance budget and keep your property safe. The experts at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc. explain the key components of the circuit box.

Highlights of Electrical Requirements in the Medical Industry

Whether it is medical, dentistry, psychiatry, obstetrical, surgical, or nursing care, every healthcare facility in the US is required to comply with a number of legislations and guidelines. From the building layout and construction materials, to operations and administration, every aspect needs to conform to the hygiene, safety or privacy standards defined by various regulatory bodies. One such aspect is the electrical solutions and wiring. Since each healthcare facility depends on electrica…

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