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Careful Planning Is Key for Large Scale Commercial Projects

Large scale electrical projects for commercial buildings require considerable preparation. If you own or manage an industrial or commercial building, it’s important to carefully plan each step of the process. J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc. can help you design energy-efficient electrical systems for your apartment building, industrial facility, warehouse, or other commercial building. Our project plans place high priority on safety and security and follow OSHA standards as well as industry regulations. 

Here’s our advice on how to manage your large scale commercial project with the assistance of local master electricians.

1. Make Energy Efficiency the Top Priority

Designing or retrofitting commercial and industrial buildings should include energy-saving changes. As part of your remodel or new build, take a whole building approach. All parts of the structure act as a single system that maximizes energy conversation.

Here are a few ways to incorporate this in your electrical design: 

  • Install LED lights.
  • Replace outdated HVAC equipment and appliances with Energy Star rated equipment.
  • Install smart power strips.
  • Use motion sensors to control light in common areas.
  • Keep energy saving top of mind during the planning phase.

When considering energy-saving electrical projects, we recommend starting with an audit to prioritize upgrades. 

2. Maintain Safety Throughout the Project

It’s critical to have in place safety measures that will prevent electrical shocks and fires. When you work with experienced commercial electricians, you can rest assured that you’ll end up with properly wired boxes, lighting, and outlets that meet local and national codes. 

Here are a few additional tips to consider:

  • Install a 3-hour fire-rated access panel.
  • Use designated circuit breakers to regulate energy consumption.
  • Hire professionals specializing in commercial and industrial electrical work. 
  • Replace damaged outlets promptly.

3. Enhance Building Security

For a large commercial electrical project, you can include ideas to make your building more secure. Consider an updated security system in your electrical design and set up LED floodlights around the building perimeter for high visibility. Additionally, motion-sensor lighting and security cameras monitor activity around the clock. For fast installation and upgrade services for smart security features, you can trust the trained and courteous electricians at J & S Electrical Contractors.

4. Choose the Right Professional Electricians

Licensed contractors provide certified electrical work that enhances the security and safety of your commercial property, employees, tenants, or visitors. Only hire electricians with the proper licensing and insurance in place.

At J & S Electrical Contractors, our skilled electricians provide the workmanship and care needed to keep your project on track. Whether you’re rewiring a large facility or replacing inefficient outlets throughout your commercial property, you’ll want to partner with trained and knowledgeable professionals with a history of successful projects.

Full Suite of Commercial Electrical Services

At J & S Electrical Contractors, we have a deep understanding of design, engineering, and construction knowledge to keep your large scale commercial project on track for new or upgraded facilities and buildings.

Our commercial electrical services include:

  • Commercial electrical design and build
  • Electrical system installations, upgrades, and testing
  • Electrical system analysis
  • Security system installation
  • Solar power system installation

J&S Electrical Contractors can design and build safe, efficient electrical systems for your warehouse, industrial facility, or other commercial building. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online to discuss your large scale commercial project today.