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Should Businesses Consider Building Wiring Stations for Electric Cars?

Over the years, several automobile industry studies have indicated that the future of cars is electric. BCG’s latest forecast report suggests that electric car (xEVs) sales will make up 30% of the total car sales by 2025 and 51% by 2030. xEVs include the pure Electric Vehicles (EVs), as well as plug-in Hybrid (PHV) ones. If current forecasts stand true, xEVs sales will soon surpass the sales of the traditional, Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs)-powered vehicles. For forward thinking organizations, this is an opportunity to get ahead of the curve by installing EV charging stations at your business premises. 

The licensed and experienced professionals at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc. explain why this may be the right time for your business to consider building wiring stations for electric cars.

Key Advantages of Installing EV Charging Stations at Your Business 

  • Attract and Retain Key Talent: EV charging stations at the workplace can be an incentive for existing employees looking to switch to EVs, as well as potential talent you wish to hire. Providing EV charging facilities as part of your benefits package could help you attract and retain a niche talent pool that is environmentally-conscious and comfortable with cutting-edge technology.
  • Promote your Business: Installing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSEs) will put your business on the radar of EV drivers who are constantly looking for convenient vehicle charging locations. Being seen on Charge Hub, Chargemap, Open Charge Map, Plug Share, Blink Map, and other such apps that are popular among EV users will improve the visibility of your business. This in turn could translate into opportunities for expanding your customer base, as well as promoting loyalty among existing clients or customers. 
  • Show your Commitment to a Greener Future: Did you know that 100 employees driving to work can generate about 3.5 commercial buildings worth of CO2 emissions? If they switch from ICE powered vehicles to EVs, these emissions can reduce by 50%. Whether it is for existing employees and customers, or potential talent and visitors, installing EVSEs is a simple and economical solution to reduce your company’s footprint and commit to environmental stewardship.
  • Earn Potential Income and Incentives: While EV charging stations could be part of the benefits package for employees, you may want to make usage chargeable for visitors. As part of policies enacted for zero emissions vehicles and low carbon fuels, your business may be eligible for various incentives from the local, state, and federal bodies while installing EVSEs. It could be in the form of tax credits, exemptions, rebates, grants, and attractive financing schemes. Depending on the fees you earn and the incentives you get, you may be in a position to recover your initial investment quite quickly and efficiently.

If you are considering building EV wiring stations at your place of business: 

  • Assess and project the current and future use of ECs through employee and customer surveys. 
  • Decide between level 2 EVSEs (240V circuit) or Level 3 DC fast chargers, based on the estimated usage and fees (if you plan to charge the users).
  • Plan whether to build internal capabilities for managing the EVSEs or hire a vendor.
  • Consult licensed commercial electricians for installation of safe, energy-efficient EVSEs in keeping with your business infrastructure and electrical capabilities. 

Partner with Qualified Commercial Electricians to Further Your Green Goals

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we offer a complete suite of commercial electrical services to a diverse range of businesses. Our talented team of engineers and electricians combine their design, engineering, and construction knowledge to build customized, high-efficiency electrical solutions for your business. We have the experience and expertise in wiring for both, level 2 and DC fast charging EVSEs. Our crew will assess your current electrical infrastructure and carry out the necessary panel modifications or transformer upgrades to create the right configuration for the EVSEs. You can count on us for reliable, safe, and cost-effective services that promote your green goals and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

To explore our full range of commercial electrical solutions call 215-633-8330 or contact us online. We are your one-stop-shop for all types of commercial electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and 24X7 emergency support.