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The Difference between Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electricians

Electricians are trained to work in different environments, and it is important to hire the right one for your needs. For example, one of the main differences between a residential and commercial or industrial electrician is that the former typically work with single phase power supplies. The latter two work with more complex three phase electrical systems. Each environment has its unique challenges and requires specialized training and skills. Our experienced electrical contractors help you understand the difference and importance of hiring the correct professional for your needs.

Which Electrician to Hire for Your Job

  • Residential Electricians: Specializing in residential 120-240 volts systems, they work with builders during the construction phase as well as do repairs and upgrades in existing homes. They install ceiling fans and light fixtures, appliances and residential security systems. They can also diagnose and fix electrical problems including re-wiring older systems and installing additional outlets.
  • Commercial Electricians: If you are commissioning a new store or need to upgrade the electrical system in your office, a qualified commercial electrician will ensure safe and efficient installation. They are trained to work with complex electrical systems in diverse commercial environments, such as restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, stores and other public use buildings. In addition to installing and upgrading wiring, they also work with higher voltage electrical systems like generators, large heating and air conditioning units, appliances, special health and safety equipment.
  • Industrial Electricians: Factories, manufacturing units, mining and power supply companies require the services of industrial electricians. While they install, repair and replace wiring, lighting fixtures and typical electrical systems like domestic and commercial electricians, they also have more specialized training in industrial requirements. This includes installation and repair of electrical motors, generators, industrial storage batteries, transformers, regulators and adaptors.

Customized Services by Licensed Commercial and Industrial Electricians

At J & S Electrical Contractors, Inc., our industrial and commercial electricians are fully licensed and up-to-date on safety codes. Whether it is a new electrical project, relocation or upgrade, our customized solutions are designed to meet your facility’s needs. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of medical, commercial and industrial firms across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware enhance their operational efficiency and savings.

Our comprehensive electrical services include machinery design and layout assistance, design and installation of power control systems, safety and security system installs, testing and commissioning, and 24/7 emergency repair services. You can depend on our experienced electricians to configure a system that will provide you with optimal functionality, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Call us at 215-633-8330 to learn more about our electrical services. You can also request a quote online for energy efficient electrical upgrades and retrofit design.