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Emergency Lighting Installation

In a world of uncertainties and vulnerabilities, there is no telling when your commercial premises may face an emergency evacuation. From building fires and power outages to gas leaks and natural disasters, your emergency preparedness and response may be put to the test by a number of different situations. Building codes, such as those issued by the National Fire Protection Association and the National Electrical Code (NEC) make it mandatory to have emergency lighting solutions. There is no getting around this essential investment for your premises. Not only does this include backup power platforms, but also the exit signs, ballasts, and other emergency systems for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). 

However, emergency lighting solutions can be highly advantageous for your business and they usually pay for themselves. The qualified professionals at J&S Electrical Contractors offer some insights in this context. 

Key Benefits of Commercial Emergency Lighting Solutions 

While emergency lighting guides the way through corridors and walkways, on certain occasions it could literally be the difference between life and death. Besides being an important part of managing hazardous situations, emergency lighting installation can help your business in numerous other ways:

  • No Work Disruptions or Drop in Productivity: Emergency lighting solutions include uninterrupted power supply systems, as well as backup generators and inverters that kick in whenever there are any problems with the primary power supply to your premises. This means you can avoid unplanned downtimes and productivity issues related to power or lighting. 
  • Investment Recovery is a Breeze: Whether it is through reduced non-productive hours or drop in insurance premiums, you will recoup your investments in emergency lighting quite quickly and in various ways. Most modern systems use LED technology, have longer lifespans, and offer higher durability and environmental friendliness than traditional systems.
  • No Unnecessary Panic or Chaos during Evacuation: Emergency lighting systems power the illuminated exit signs in commercial premises. Should an incident occur that requires an urgent evacuation, emergency lighting will help your employees, customers, visitors, and building occupants vacate in a safe and orderly manner.

Cost Efficient Commercial Electrical Solutions by J&S Electrical 

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we offer an extensive range of commercial electrical services. This includes installation of fire alarms, backup generators, emergency lighting systems, as well as design, maintenance and repairs of electrical systems for new facilities. Our licensed and safety-trained electricians provide tailor-made electrical solutions for power, lighting, as well as energy efficiency. 

We cater to a wide range of commercial establishments across New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Whether you need new electrical system designs, upgrades, routine maintenance, or emergency repairs, you can count on us for cost-efficient solutions and consistent customer service.

For affordable and reliable emergency lighting systems, count on the commercial electrical experts at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online for a free quote.