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Top Reasons to Upgrade the Electrical Panels in Your Multifamily Building

As a property manager or owner of a multifamily building, you are always looking for cost-effective improvements that minimize maintenance expenses and maximize the safety of your property. Exterior refreshes, attractive landscaping, and spacious parking are proven ways to enhance your property’s appeal. However, investments such as upgrading the electrical panels in your multifunctional building also present a number of advantages. 

A high-performance upgraded electrical panel will help you:

  • Make existing occupants more comfortable.
  • Expand your resident base.
  • Generate new income streams.
  • Charge a premium rental price for your property. 

The experienced technicians at J&S Electrical Contractors discuss how electrical panel upgrades can potentially create several different possibilities for your multifamily buildings. 

Advantages of Upgrading Electrical Panels in Multifamily Properties 

  1. Improve Supply and Reduce Wear and Tear: Until a few decades ago, the electrical panel of your multifamily premises could easily meet the demands of the average home that used a few basic appliances. Today, most homes rely on a large variety of tools, electronic devices, and appliances that fit their lifestyles, but draw a tremendous amount of power through the building’s electrical system. Older electrical panels are often unable to deliver a consistent supply based on current demands. This may often lead to circuit overloads and trip up circuit breakers that inconvenience the residents of your buildings and add to your electrical maintenance hassles. By rightsizing and upgrading your electrical panel, you can improve the power supply to match existing and future demands, while also reducing your spend on electrical repairs and maintenance.
  1. Introduce New Amenities: Older electrical panels often lack the space to add dedicated circuits for power-hungry amenities. Panel upgrades will allow you to expand your property’s amenities and impress both, current and prospective residents. For example, 
  • Transform the parking lot with additional lighting in order to make it safer, brighter, and more functional.
  • Install smart, sensor-based or timer-based lighting and alarm systems throughout the premises, including stairways, corridors and other common areas.
  • Invest in charging stations for electrical cars, a feature that continues to remain elusive and attractive for owners of electrical vehicles.
  • Power up the gym with high-end equipment, install spa pools and saunas, or introduce hot tubs and Jacuzzis as part of your multifamily building amenities.
  1. Further your Property’s Green GoalsInstalling solar panels is an excellent option to attract a niche, eco-conscious resident base. However, the size of your electrical panel places plays a critical role in determining the size of your solar energy systems. Without a proper electrical panel upgrade, there may be overload issues, as the combined energy from your utility grid and solar system could create imbalances during back-feeding.

Affordable and Reliable Electrical Solutions from J&S Electrical 

Investing in electrical panel upgrades for your multifamily buildings will help you provide enhanced safety, energy-efficiency, functionality and appeal to your residents.At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we have decades of experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining end-to-end tailor-made commercial electrical systems. Our licensed and safety-trained staff is up-to-date with technology and safety codes. We provide comprehensive electrical upgrades and services and cater to all types of commercial establishments. Count on us to minimize downtime and maximize the energy efficiency of your multifamily buildings. We also offer 24/7 emergency support and ensure uninterrupted electrical coverage to facilities in and around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. 

Call 215-633-8330 to discuss your requirements with the experts at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. You can also contact us online for a free quote.