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Tips for Manufacturing Line Equipment Installations

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Correct installation is critical to optimizing line equipment performance and reliability.  Often, poor product quality and high operational costs are the unfortunate result of improper machine set up. Our experienced industrial electricians outline key installation requirements to minimize downtime, cost and wastage.

Ways to Limit Energy Waste

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
From the lights in your office to powering machines and running a production line—everything involves energy costs. That is why business owners and facility managers are constantly under pressure to improve energy efficiency. Minimizing consumption is one way to significantly reduce your operational expenses. Our experienced industrial and commercial contractors share valuable tips to reduce energy waste. 10 Tips to Help Your Business Consume Less Energy Install efficient lighting and cont…

The Difference between Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electricians

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
Electricians are trained to work in different environments, and it is important to hire the right one for your needs. For example, one of the main differences between a residential and commercial or industrial electrician is that the former typically work with single phase power supplies. The latter two work with more complex three phase electrical systems. Each environment has its unique challenges and requires specialized training and skills. Our experienced electrical contractors help you …

Tips for Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit and Design

| J & S Electrical Contractors |
There are unlimited benefits to upgrading lighting within your business premises, the most important being greater efficiency and lower energy costs. Studies show that overhead lights account for more than 50% of energy usage in commercial spaces. In addition to saving electricity, redesigning lighting to include the latest technology improves illumination quality, safety, productivity and real estate value. Your utility provider may also offer incentives for green retrofits. However, every p…

How Many AMP Electrical Service Do I Need to Operate Effectively?

Need to upgrade the electrical supply at your business premises? Standard panels can provide 100, 150, 200, 325, 400, 600 or 800 amps of power with the potential to add more circuits. Determining how much power you need is essential to operating cost-efficiently and safely. Our experienced electricians share tips on how to go about sizing amp service for your commercial or industrial facility. 5 Key Steps to Upgrading Your Electrical System Calculate your electrical load: This helps ensure y…

Importance of Properly Gauging Your Electrical Service

Is your electrical service able to support all your industrial equipment and devices? Load calculations are the first step in designing an efficient and safe power distribution system. Every business uses electricity in different ways. For instance, the requirements of industrial shops vary greatly from a commercial kitchen, retail outlet or office building. Knowing how to estimate commercial and industrial loads according to business needs is critical to preventing sudden outages and electri…