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Generator Maintenance is Crucial to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Unexpected power outages could occur due to a number of reasons, including natural or man-made disasters, unpredictable weather, or other site-specific electrical issues. Any disruption in the electrical supply could potentially lead to:

  • Damaged electrical components and expensive repairs for your machinery and equipment
  • Staff and customer inconvenience due to inoperable appliances or IT systems
  • Production downtime and monetary losses
  • Loss of critical electronic data or information 

Whether you are a manufacturing facility, workshop, corporate office, or a brick and mortar retail setup, a steady supply of electricity is imperative for all your business operations. Which means, investing in standby power solutions is a great way to fortify your Business Continuity Plan (BCP). However, in order to keep your business running smoothly, it is important to ensure that your generator is in good condition at all times, even if you may not need to use it frequently. The experts at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc. discuss the importance of regular and timely maintenance and servicing of standby generators.

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Electrical Service Size Requires Careful Planning

Whether you are upgrading an existing electrical service or planning installations for a new establishment, the size of your electrical service depends on a number of different factors. Underestimating the electrical requirements could lead to inconveniences, electrical equipment damage, expensive re-wiring costs, and serious safety risks. Overestimating would mean hefty utility bills and wastage of valuable resources. 

The experts at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc., offer some insights into rightsizing your electrical service. 

Factors that Determine Electrical Service Size

The size of the electrical service helps in determining the power and efficiency of the electricity distribution system of your commercial or industrial premises. Essentially, it indicates how many lights, appliances, machinery, or other pieces of electrical equipment you can operate simultaneously. The factors that determine the capacity of the electrical service are: 

  • The capacity of the service entry cable, i.e. the cable feeding the premises
  • The capacity of the main electrical panel
  • The capacity of the main disconnect

Most often, these three factors are comparable. Which means, it is quite common for a 200-amp capacity cable to feed a 200-amp capacity circuit breaker panel, with a 200-amp capacity main disconnect. 

The amperage of the electrical service determines the voltage supply for your premises. As a general rule of thumb, a 100-amp service is sufficient for a 3,000-sq. ft. property, without central heating or air conditioning. For premises that have central temperature control and are over 2,000 square feet in size, you will need a 200-amp electrical service. 

Here are some essential steps in planning the electric service size for your premises:

  • Review the Existing Service Size: Determine the size of your existing service through a visual inspection of a number of electrical aspects, including the: 
    • Service entry cables
    • Electrical service panel
    • Electric meter and meter base
    • Main switch
  • Check for Improper Sizing: One way to determine any sizing issues is to add up the wattage requirement of all the electrical equipment and machinery on your premises, and compare the total wattage with the total output that your electrical service can support. Additionally, look out for the telltale signs of under-sizing, such as frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, or an acrid smell or discoloration around your power outlets. 
  • Determine the Correct Amperage: Most commercial premises in the US feature a 3-phase 208Y/120 service, which supports large loads and provides a standard 120V power for all outlets. Large industrial facilities may even feature a 480V 3-phase service. However, if you are planning to add appliances or install advanced equipment that needs high amounts of electricity, you may need to reevaluate the amperage requirement of your premises or facility. This entails a proper estimation of your current and future energy, based on the nature of your business, growth or expansion plans, and other such parameters.  

If you are planning the electrical requirements for a new facility, look at aspects such as:

  • Size and type of wiring system, i.e. surface conduit, concealed conduit, or lead sheathed
  • Location of the control panels
  • Layout of the appliances and machinery
  • Future power requirements
  • Your energy efficiency goals

Customized Electrical Services by Licensed Commercial Electricians

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we offer tailor-made industrial and commercial electrical solutions to numerous businesses in and around New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. You can count on us for a comprehensive range of electrical services, including design and planning, testing and commissioning, installation and maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair. Our qualified and licensed electricians ensure that your electrical systems are energy-efficient, safe, and compliant with all the applicable codes and industry regulations. We aim to create and deliver reliable and optimal electrical configurations that keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Minimize power outages, downtimes, and energy wastage with the help of the experienced and dependable professionals at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online for a free quote.

Prevent Accidents and Mishaps in Parking Lots: Install Ample Lighting

While planning the management and upkeep of your commercial premises, you want to make sure that all your arrangements are: 

  • On par with industry standards 
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Compliant with any applicable codes and regulations 

In this context, several aspects influence the reputation of your property or businesses. Do you have a welcoming landscape? Are the roads to your entryway smooth and free of potholes? Is your property maintaining excellent standards of cleanliness and hygiene? Do you have state-of-the art security measures to protect your residents and visitors?  

Good internal and external lighting is one such element that reflects your commitment towards improved safety, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of your premises. While you may put a lot of thought into planning the internal lighting, don’t ignore external lighting, especially for the parking lots. The qualified and experienced team at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc. explains why abundant lighting is essential for commercial parking lots.

Top 4 Benefits of a Well-Lit Parking Lot

  1. Enhance Safety: Ample lighting gives people a sense of comfort about entering, parking, or exiting your premises, especially during the late hours, when occupancy is limited or the property is secluded. In fact, a brightly lit parking lot speaks volumes about your vehicle security measures and safety standards for the residents and visitors. 
  2. Improve Security: Even if you install electronic surveillance systems to watch over your parking lots, catching any miscreants in the act would be difficult in poor light. Well-planned lighting is a must-have for improving the effectiveness of your security systems. 
  3. Prevent Accidents or Liabilities: Better the lighting, greater the visibility for vehicular and foot traffic in your parking lot. An abundantly illuminated lot will prevent drivers from inadvertently hitting other vehicles or passersby, and protect pedestrians from accidental trips and falls. Good lighting will also help you avoid situations, where your business becomes liable for vehicle damage or injuries to people.
  4. Deter Lawbreakers: Criminals scope out areas for thefts, muggings, vandalism, or other such acts look for spaces that are unlit or dimly lit. Poor visibility gives them added confidence to break the law, without fear of being identified or caught. Brightly lit parking lots act as a deterrent for potential criminal activities, and help you safeguard your property, customers, and prospects. 

Customized Lighting Solutions by Licensed Commercial Electricians

At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we provide clever lighting strategies and cost-effective lighting solutions to a variety of commercial premises, including schools, malls, hospitals, corporate campuses, municipal complexes, and more. Our licensed and qualified electricians study your premises and customize lighting to meet the unique requirements of your property and businesses. From the illumination capacity, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance, to quality, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, we address all aspects that go into a well-lit parking lot. 

For large commercial premises, we can phase out parking structure retrofits in small increments. This will help in optimizing the equipment costs, minimizing disruptions, and keeping your lots partially operational throughout the installation, repairs, or upgrades.

Looking to expand or modify your parking lot lighting or upgrade to solar? Count on the dependable professionals at J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. Call 215-633-8330 or contact us online.

What is the Difference between a Main Panel and a Subpanel?

As the heart of any electrical system, it is important to understand the basis of a circuit box and the panels within. Not only is that useful in planning current or future electrical upgrades, but it will also help you optimize your electrical maintenance budget and keep your property safe. The experts at J&S Electrical Contractors Inc. explain the key components of the circuit box.

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Highlights of Electrical Requirements in the Medical Industry

Whether it is medical, dentistry, psychiatry, obstetrical, surgical, or nursing care, every healthcare facility in the US is required to comply with a number of legislations and guidelines. From the building layout and construction materials, to operations and administration, every aspect needs to conform to the hygiene, safety or privacy standards defined by various regulatory bodies. One such aspect is the electrical solutions and wiring. Since each healthcare facility depends on electrical equipment for providing critical care and preserving life, electrical solutions in the medical sector come under heavy scrutiny and regulations. 

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Surge Protection is Critical for Certain Industries

Industries that use electronic machines or components are well aware that fluctuations in the power flow can potentially bring down their entire operations, especially if they do not have adequate surge protection. Whether it is lightning strikes, electrostatic discharges, or switching operations, there are many reasons why a surge may occur. The cause of the surge determines the duration and amplitude of the surge voltage. This is where surge protection equipment comes in. Essentially, it cuts off or diverts the overflow of electricity to prevent the excess voltage surge from passing through or coming in contact with sensitive electronic components. 

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